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Hi, my name is Alistair. After a number of decades working for big corporations (mostly public broadcasters, but also a few private behemoths), I've reordered my life into a more casual format (less lucrative, but far better for the soul). These days, my time is split more or less evenly between several website projects (of which, this is one, albeit in its very earliest stage), looking after my 2 year old daughter, gardening, and doing the odd bit of writing (and of course, the usual activities of socialising, housekeeping, and unfortunately, staring at numerous screens for brain-rotting entertainment value - just when you thought reality TV was as low as our species could go, along came the facebook feed).

This web page is currently just a catch-all for connecting to and from my various social media presences. I intend to fancy it all up a bit, when time allows.

Links to Me, elsewhere on the Web

I can be found elsewhere on the web, including at Stack Exchange, Instagram and Twitter.

You can listen to my music play list at SoundCloud or Spotify, or play me at chess, here.

If you're trying to get on my good side, just be polite, or alternatively, I have a wishlist at Amazon.

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